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Creating a REST API: Database Basics

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With the web server in place, it’s time to look into some database basics. As mentioned in the parent post, this series will use the Oracle Database driver/API for Node.js (node-oracledb) to interact with the database. In this post, you’ll create a module that’s responsible for starting up and shutting down a database connection pool. You’ll also add a function that simplifies executing simple statements by getting and releasing connections from the pool automatically.
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Creating a REST API: Web Server Basics

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The web server is one of the most important components of a REST API. In this post, you will start your REST API project by creating some initial directories and files. Then you’ll create a web server module and wire things up so that the web server starts up and shuts down correctly. Finally, you will add some basic logging capabilities to the web server.
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Creating a REST API with Node.js and Oracle Database

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Node.js and REST APIs go hand in hand. In fact, Ryan Dahl (the creator of Node.js) once described the focus of Node.js as “doing networking correctly”. But where should you start when building a REST API with Node.js? What components should be used and how should things be organized? These are difficult questions to answer – especially when you’re new to the Node.js ecosystem.
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