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Connecting a Node.js App in ACCS to Exadata Express

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Two of my favorite Oracle Cloud services are the Exadata Express Cloud Service (Exadata Express) and the Application Container Cloud Service (ACCS). Exadata Express is a fully managed Oracle Database service at an entry-level price point for small to medium sized data and ACCS is an easy way to deploy apps in Docker containers. In this post, I’ll demonstrate how to connect these two services at the most basic level.
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How to get, use, and close a DB connection using async functions

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So far in this async series, we’ve covered Node.js style callbacks, the Async module, and promises. In this final part of the series, we’ll learn about async functions (a.k.a. async/await). To me, async functions are the most exciting thing to happen to JavaScript since Ajax. Finally, we can read JavaScript code in a synchronous manner while it executes asynchronously as it always has.
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