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Making a Wrapper Module for the Node.js Driver for Oracle Database

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The Node.js driver for Oracle Database, node-oracledb, is pretty low level – as a good driver should be! But that doesn’t mean you have to work at that level all the time. Perhaps you’d like to…

  • use promises rather than callbacks
  • have a simplified execute method that doesn’t require getting and releasing connections
  • ensure that certain buildup and teardown procedures are used to keep connections clean and consistent

All of these are great reasons to create a wrapper module for the driver that gives you what you want without having to wait to see if these features are added to the driver itself (which they may never be). I wrote a sample application that uses such a wrapper module that implements all of the functionality listed above.
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Throttled File Loading with Node.js & Oracle Database

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A little background

There have been some interesting discussions lately related to the Oracle Database Node.js Driver and support for streaming and LOBs:

As of the time of this writing Chris Jones, the Product Manager of the driver, is still looking for feedback on these topics so please add yours if you have any! As for me, I hadn’t tried to do much with LOBs and Node.js so I didn’t really know what types of features I would like to see in the driver. I needed a project that would force me to get my hands dirty… Read More