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Real-time Data with Node.js, Socket.IO, and Oracle Database

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Real-time data is an increasingly popular topic these days. The basic idea is simple: when data in the database changes, any clients viewing the data should see the changes immediately, or in real-time. Gmail and Twitter are great examples of applications that make use of real-time data. Users of these applications don’t need to refresh the page to see new email or tweets, instead new data is pushed to the clients when it becomes available.
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Fun with Node.js and APEX

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A couple of weeks ago I release a video that showed people how to get up and running with Node.js and Oracle on the App Dev VM. This post builds on the work done there and demonstrates some of the power and flexibility of Node.js and the Oracle Database Node.js Driver.

Last week I started thinking about a new project for the Oracle Database Node.js Driver. I have a lot of experience with Oracle Application Express (APEX) and I wondered if it would be possible to use the driver as the basis for a new APEX listener powered by Node.js.
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